Female Pattern Baldness

Woman, who is considered to be one of the most beautiful creations of the almighty, undergoes immense changes and rapid phases to deal with in life. This certainly leads towards so many adverse reactions to her body while most of the time she is unable to care good care of herself. Pattern Baldness Treatment in Delhi.

Female pattern baldness is a noticeable hair loss pattern that is often very embarrassing and stressful for the people suffering from it. Many women suffer this pattern of hair loss, often bringing along a lot of additional stress to their otherwise demanding and fast paced life. This certainly affects the social well being and the self esteem of a woman, who is used to mirror herself being beautiful and flawless.  Female Pattern Baldness Treatment in Delhi. 

Talking about this pattern in women starts with thinning of their hair, increased hair loss and a receding hair line. Although women don’t really carry the pattern of getting bald on the whole, but thinning and lifeless hair is all that makes them restless and stressful.

What causes female pattern Baldness?

There are many conditions and causes that lead to women, suffer from this hair loss condition. The process starts with excessive hair loss which might be a result of many conditions like stress, physical deficiencies, medication side effects, nutrition deficit diet, emotional stress and so much more. If in case you are able to consult a good dermatologist right in time, most of the factors can be controlled. There are many medication and therapies available these days that support such conditions and benefit in the same. Experiencing hair loss is certainly frustrating, but there are many new treatments in the market that would be beneficial for her.

What are the treatment options?

*Treatment with Medication

*Anti- Androgens

*Iron Supplements

*Hair Transplantation

The hair loss pattern in women is different from the males, it generally starts from the top crown area and then widens towards the back of the scalp. The front hairline remains similar. This condition often broadens but very rarely leads towards baldness.

What causes Female Pattern baldness?

There are many factors that lead towards this sort of a hair loss in females. Genetic aspects play a major role, hormonal imbalance, menopause, stress, lack of nutrients, child birth and so much more. There are many factors that contribute towards distress in females and lead towards hair loss and pattern baldness. This can affect females of various age groups and the pattern takes about 6-18 months to develop and show visible signs.

Treatment options:

Although this sort of a hair loss condition certainly has no particular cure. Cosmotree clinic offers advanced and clinically approved treatments and solutions that recognize the underlying cause of hair loss and then promote hair growth. The results remain variable, still most of the patients get sufficient results and treatments make their lives much better, by instilling better confidence and transform their personalities. There are many solutions, while their exact treatment, number of sessions and results are all variable but definitely noteworthy and beneficial.