Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness, also known as androgenic alopecia, is certainly one of the most ordinary hair loss condition, most men suffer from. As per many research, once a man is over the age of 50 years, most of them are likely to suffer from the typical Male Pattern Baldness Treatment in Delhi, while the severity might differ in each case.

What are the causes that lead to Male pattern baldness?

* A major and the most common factor that leads to male pattern baldness treatment  is the genetic pattern of a man. If it is there in its family history, he is most likely more prone to suffer from it.

* Male pattern baldness is certainly connected with the sex hormones in men, known as androgens. These hormones are responsible for many tasks in the male body and hair growth is certainly one of them.

* In people who suffer the male pattern baldness, their growth cycle starts getting weaker by the days and affects the hair follicles to shrink and grow shorter as well as finer new hair.

Some more facts about male pattern baldness:

Male pattern baldness generally does not have any medical side effects. On the other hand, at times baldness might lead to certain type of cancers, thyroids, etc.

You might suffer from male pattern baldness, if in case your hair begins to disappear from your temples or the crown of your head. Some men also suffer from single bald spots in their heads. While the others might get receding hairlines that from an “M” shape. In some other conditions, the hairline continues to recede until most of the hair are already gone, creating a partial baldness.

Treatments available to deal with Male Pattern Hair Loss:

There are no medications required until baldness creates some serious medical issue in the male body. However, there are many treatments available for men who seek healthier and fuller hair on their heads. Some of the most common aesthetic clinical treatments could be:

*Change of Hairstyle

If in case men are experiencing some hair loss that is still not a big issue that leads to baldness, then getting a new hair cut or changing the hair style might be of great help.

*Wigs or Hair Weaving

There are other solutions like getting real or artificial hair sewn along with the natural hair. On the other hand, there are many people who opt for wigs in order to get impressive, younger and fuller. There are many varieties of wigs available, while you need to pick the one closest to your original hair, in terms of color, texture etc.

* Medication

There are many popular topical medication offered in order to treat the scalp, considering it to be the underlying cause that lead towards Baldness. Minoxidil is a medicine, offered recommended to slow down the hair loss process and also make the hair follicles grow new and healthier hair.

* Finasteride is another popular oral medication given to improve the hair loss in men. It actually works by hereby blocking male hormones that are responsible for hair loss treatment in Delhi.

*Hair Transplants

This is certainly the most popular beautification procedure that gives excellent and promising results.