Facial Hair Transplant

A step closer to get your sideburns, mustache, beard and goatee back to life!

Facial Hair Transplantation in Delhi is a safe and effective process that repairs the facial hair in the particular areas where the hair growth is thin or missing for that matter. This is a common process that people take up to make the appearance of their men features like the goatee or the mustache areas, while the procedure also helps in making the beards, cheeks and sideburns appear fuller and better. Facial hair transplants is a great option to consider, if you suffer from acne scars or any other marks on the face, as it conceals them beautifully.

Men are certainly noted for their facial hair appearance, beards, mustache etc. But fret not if in case you have a bad appearance, lesser or missing hair, opt for the best in class treatment options that would transform the way you look and bring you closer to your manliness, like never before!

There are many reasons that lead towards the loss of facial hair may. Some of the most common reasons that lead to this typical condition might be:

*Genetic pattern

*Laser therapies


*Surgical treatments



The major goals of this process might be variable and case specific. The results might deal with minor filling, thin cover of any small area or full restoration to deal with any thick or full beard pattern. The process is performed on specific areas where there are either no hair at all or the growth is thin or missing.

How to choose the process and its intensity?

For the number of grafting a person would need, to the averages follow ups required are certainly set parameters and high dependable on each case, while the experts would deal with it in a measured pattern. There are measured dosages of treatments certain to deal with mustache, beard etc. There are a few patients who might need recurring treatments of the transplant that offer additional grafts depending upon the thickness they desire.

In order to facilitate the facial hair transplant in Delhi, the hairs are derived from the back or sides of the donor’s scalp. This certainly depends upon perfect match also, as the hair texture that matched closely are used for the treatment further from here.

Once the donor’s hair are transplanted to the patient, this becomes all the more permanent and they tend to typically grow in a similar pattern like natural facial hair with identical texture and same appearance. You can live a normal life, shave, cut and change the appearance of these transplanted hair, to make your life as normal as possible.

Benefits of Facial Hair Transplant in Delhi

Well, if in case you have something missing from your life, you could certainly opt for this treatment and make your life as natural as possible. So adapt the latest science and advanced technology to make sure your life becomes as natural and free as possible. Now bid a goodbye to all your facial hair trouble that made you feel inferior and embarrassed, adapt the best in class treatments from reputed clinics to bring about a change and a difference in your life.