Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Transplant

FUE is a highly popular and evolving hair transplant in which a small round punch is picked in order to extract follicular units from a patient’s bald resilient donor area one at a time. FUE is a progressive surgical technique for improving from hair loss while avoiding the need for a linear scar. Follicular Unit Extraction consist of transferring hair grafts from the long-lasting area of the scalp where hair is hereditary programmed to continue growing in areas affected by hair loss.

Treatments of FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi

  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) also takes grafts around the back and near the sides of the patient’s head separately.
  • Depending on how the patient prefers it, the surgeon needs to either shave the complete hairs  or small “micro-strips” can be removed for optimal disguise, but some level of shaving has to perform because it requires the hair has to be short for effective removal.
  • At the beginning of the procedure the donor area, from where you will pick the grafts is shaved and follicular unit grafts are removed individually, using a 0.8mm to 1mm ‘punch’. The surgeon can perform the procedure either manually or using numerous tools available.
  • In the meantime, the surgeon will prepare for making microscopic slits in the specific area of the patient’s scalp, and the single grafts will be placed into these recipient sites.
  • In order to attain a natural look, the doctors pay great care and consideration to the positioning of the grafts. Although the FUT technique leaving a linear scar, after FUE, a series of tiny dot scars remains on the scalp which are so small as to be scarcely visible.
  • Again, FUE requires only a local anesthetic and is almost completely pain-free, but it is importantly more time-consuming than FUT.
  • A typical FUE treatment would need removing up to 2,000 grafts and might take 10 hours, while larger cases may need more than one day after surgery.
  • The new hair will begin to grow roughly four months after surgery, and will remain growing through for the next 10 to 15 months.

Benefits of FUE Hair Transplantation in Delhi

Now let us understand why follicular unit extraction hair transplant is done, what are the advantages.

Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplantation is beneficial because it is ideal for the treatment of beginning to develop advanced hair loss. This type of transplant does not leave any scar and does not cause pain at the time of or after the treatment is over. The FUE hair restoration ensures that after the treatment it gives a normal look and does not give any feeling that one has done any hair transplant treatment in Delhi. The treatment is without any wounds.   FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi is also an advantage for those people involved in energetic activities like professional athletes who should resume these activities soon after the procedure.  For the patients FUE is useful because there is no need for the patient to visit the surgeon again for removing the stitches.


The charge of doing the follicular unit extraction hair transplant in Delhi is 90,000 Rs.


The treatment is safe.